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Aug '06

Pluto lost


As of Thursday 24th August 2006, Pluto, which was discovered in 1930, has been debunked as the 9th planet furthest from the sun in our solar system.

What is the future of Pluto now that it’s no longer a planet?

Rumour has it that Mickey the Mouse has adopted him and the only way you can see pluto is at Disneyland.


Pluto made his debut as a bloodhound in the Mickey Mouse cartoon “The Chain Gang” in 1930.

“The scientists agreed that, to be called a planet, a celestial body must be in orbit around a star while not itself being a star. It must be large enough in mass for its own gravity to pull it into a nearly spherical shape and have cleared the neighborhood around its orbit. Pluto was disqualified because its oblong orbit overlaps with Neptune’s.”



Aug '06

my debut release on cinemas worldwide

Ladies and Gentlemen,

May i present to you “An original local production, starring an award winning stellar cast, with box office breaking weekend opening”

Mia’s Vlog for Discovery 5takes audition!

don’t laugh okay!
i hope speaking proper english didnt make me sound pretentious. bah.

Director - Eugene Tay
Script - Mia Tan
Makeup/Wardrobe - Mia Tan
Sound technician - Eugene Tay
Postproduction - Grace Buy
Executive Producer - Mia Joo Tan

Aug '06

The Speak Good English Campaign


I was rather miffed when this campaign was revived.
What is wrong with Singlish?!

Driving around for dinner the other day, we found a vacant lot by the road side.
Instinctively i asked, “Can fit or not?” referring to the seemingly small lot for my friend’s luxury car.

As he expertly parallel parked it into the tight spot, he enlightened me, “Can fit or not is not proper english you know.”

“Aiya, but you understand what i was referring to right?”

I recall when i was in primary school, i had those english books that teach everything you needed to know about vocabulary, grammar, similies etc. 

It was my pocket bible if i hoped to pass my english papers.
Perhaps we should start handing out these books to Singaporeans as part of the Good English Campaign.

It was then i learnt that nouns are naming words, verbs are action words, adjectives describe a noun and adverbs describe a verb. Funny why it’s not an adnoun.




And somehow, evolution of Singaporean Speech started omitting pronouns and conjunctions, even removing punctuations.

This i credit to the fact that our country is so efficient, we dont even waste time on grandiloquence just to get our point across.

“Do you think your spacious car be manuevered into that Lilliputian space?” 

Gosh. So pretentious right?

Can fit not. Simple, direct, to the point.


One gripe i have though, is not the sentence structure but the limited vocab library and the understanding of tenses.

Shoot became shooted not shot.

This again, i credit to the fact that our country is so governed by rules and it is instilled in us that if the decorum states we add an -ed at the end of a word to make it past tense, we’d do it to EVERY word.

(or else someone will jump out, throw a green overcoat on us, with a fine of $50 and make us do corrective work, editing all the bad english in the school examination papers.)


“How are you feeling and what are your plans for the day?”    


“U today how? Do what?”


“Do you know which bus service takes me from here to there?”   


“Down here got what bus go there?”


Essentially, Singlish is so much more efficient. 

To me Singlish is distinctive of us, of my country, of our people. You can recognise a Singaporean abroad, not merely by the accent but the style of speech, peppered with the many different languages and dialects we have.

As we struggle to find an identity for Singapore, extinguishing Uniquely Singlish and implementing proper Standard English will make us, just like the rest of the world.

So don’t comprain we not unique.

Aug '06

VJ Utt has a crush on me

Shameless but true.

Dee, Hwee, Shaun and I were shopping at Paragon yesterday.

We saw VJ Utt, cute as can be, wearing a cap and window shopping.

The two girls went all giggly and started running away, hiding in nooks and cranny, playing hide and seek with their imaginary friend.

It was quite embarassing as i watched from behind a wall, the 2 of them scuttering past Hugo Boss.

Later when i found them at Guess boutique in the other wing, Utt walked past AGAIN.

Has he been following us?!

And this morning, i left my house in a rush, heading for a casting and right as i turned the corner of my street, there he was AGAIN, sitting at the chee cheong fun stall outside my home.

Stalker. Geez. I’ll never date you ok? Get over it.

Aug '06

Happy Birthday Singapore, and many more to come.


I had a terrible Monday night, woke up on Tuesday upset and angry. Went for my driving lessons at Paya Lebar, knowing that my traffic judgement will be clouded by my emotions.

As i stepped out of the MRT station, there were 5 young adults, dressed in Blue tshirts and shorts, holding tin cans in their hands.

Damn. It’s flag day everyday. Now they even run donation drives on weekdays?!

“Hello Miss! Would you like to donate to the charities? It can be any amount, as long as you are giving!”

I starting fishing for a 50cent to buy myself a peace of mind.

“Your donation will go to help 20 over charities, such as the ……………*rattles off*”


“Thank you Miss, thank you so much. Have a GREAT DAY ahead!”

I was jolted out from my angst. His enthusiam and cheer had a strange uplifting effect on me and i found myself actually smiling, believing that, YES it will be a great day ahead.

As i walked off, i heard him approach another lady behind me with his well rehearsed “Hello Miss!”

The lady has already donated and flashed her donation sticker. Not one to give up, he continued “Miss, can i then request for you to make a second donation. Any amount will do. Just a second chance for these charities please.”

After my drive and a quick lunch, i was making my way back to the MRT station. This same guy approached me.

“Hello Miss!”

I flashed my sticker at him before he could continue.

“Thank you so much for donating, but will you please donate a second time? These charities need your funding. Just a little bit more.”

I couldn’t refuse him. Not his tireless words, not his personalised attention, but his sincerity that genuinely touches you to give, just that little bit more.

“Have a wonderful day!”

Thank you Kang Wei from NUS Bizad, i really did have an excellent day, unexpected good news, and thank you for reminding me that a little does go a long way.


I wrote the above entry as part of my Singapore Birthday dedication simply because charity drives have become a huge part of our people’s lives, from humble annonymous donations to full force “in-your-face” TV donation shows. And who can possibly forget the charity saga that chilled our giving hearts. Let that not be the only reason that bonds us as Singaporeans for there are many more things to be appreciative for.

Happy Birthday Singapore.

Aug '06

Our Global City, Our home

A friend of mine, Rick* was having dinner with me one night and i was animatedly recounting my experience at Miss Tourism Queen of the Year pageant at Wuhan in October. Suddenly, at the end of my stories, i proclaimed, “i love my country! i love singapore!”

So he couldn’t refuse me tickets for this year’s NDP preview show.

I’m a little ashamed to admit this but i’ve never been to a National Day parade and worse, i’ve never been inside the Singapore National Stadium.


Excitedly, i packed my bags with water and chips, picked out my best white tank top and red bohemian capris, armed myself with the most patriotic spirit and headed off to Kallang with my girl friends.




And man, you know you’ve arrived when you see SWAMPS of people dressed in RED AND WHITE!!
From the MRT tracks to the overhead bridge, past the open air carparks,  i could feel the tingle of excitement in the air, the celebratory mood from the crowd is electrifying!!

The queue to enter the stadium was, least to say, hello-kittyish. Half of Singapore showed up, with family and picnic bags, standing in the humid late afternoon sun, all with one common goal.



Those men in uniforms *drools* were handing them out to the civilians and i ripped mine open (the goodie bag, not the army boy) with the same excitement like a kid opening her first christmas present, (or like a Singaporean checking on their Progress Package).

I swear they packed those bags with me in mind. I’m gonna bring some of those stuff with me to Albania for my Miss Globe Pageant. The Singapore flag, the cap with the blinking flag, and especially those stick-on tattos that say “MADE IN SINGAPORE”. Sticking them on my body during the swimsuit round would add a funky twist to the bikinis.

The show started with Gurmit Singh, Michelle Chia, Jean Danker coming down the flying fox, past the heads of the red sea and they ra-raed the crowd into doing the Kallang wave.


now screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm!!!


My favorite part of ALL national day parades. The March-in. and the Fly-past


Seeing our armed forces in the field, in total unity, serves to remind me that we should NEVER EVER take our safety for granted.

I remember once, chatting with an American over drinks, he asked “How can you call yourself a developed country, when your people don’t even have the basic human rights to the freedom of speech?”

Well, i think that’s a small price to pay for safety in my country.

I once had a Briton tell me, “I’ve been living in Singapore for over 10 years, married a local girl and settled down with our kids. I returned to my birthplace England for visits and i couldn’t wait to come home to Singapore.
I feel safe here, for my family my kids. Home should always be safe and not make you fearful. Home is a sanctuary and Singapore is mine
Look at our people.

It wasn’t until i was there to experience it for myself did i realise,
Why is it that, year after year, every National Day Parade have similar performances?


Singapore is built on nothing but our people, working hand in hand. And this is reflected in all our NDPS, creating formations of colors and dance with the one resource we all are proud of, OUR PEOPLE.

It’s our birthday. Let’s celebrate!

Happy 41st Birthday Singapore.


*name changed to protect the identity of my very paranoid and painfully media shy friend (though I think he can be quite an exhibitionist).

Aug '06

The Libertine

The Libertine is one of the most awesomely stunning movies i’ve seen.

Starring Johnny Depp (can there be any other reason for this movie to be less than brilliant?) as the 2nd Earl of Rochester, John Wilmot, who lived for the passion of flesh but succumbed to his love for theatre, poetry and egoism.

Expect an inspiring script, close-up shots of expression, long takes of the stage and be completely blown away by its artistic protrayal of an otherwise frigid monarchy and realise that, even the best of us desire to be accepted and acknowledged.

The trailer:

(spoiler ahead)
Depp’s Prolouge: Sex is good. Sex with johnny is even better.

Only screening at Golden Village Plaza Singapura.
Don’t say i didn’t inform you.