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Jul '06


Two nights ago, half drunk in my japanese themed guest room, Shaun was in a sombre mood.

He turned to me and asked in all seriousness, “If there is something, you want, in your life, to give you fulfillment, such that your lifetime here on earth is complete, what would it be?”

I was taken aback. Woah. That’s a very cheem question to come out of this 22 year old, who’s usually the one joking and entertaining me (for once!) more than i do.

Unleashing the impossibles, i told him, “I want to be in a movie, directed by Quentin Tarantino, and acting opposite Tony Leung. Or Johnny Depp. Dont matter.”

Then he said, “But what happens after you’ve done the movie, it’s been screened and off into DVD sleeves? Where’s the prolonged fulfillment?”


Alright, let me fine tune that then.

“It is to be able to host a series of episodes for Discovery Travel and Living, that will take me trotting around the globe. It is my goal this lifetime to see what’s on the other side of the planet so this trip to earth is not wasted and i don’t have to return for a second look. I can then astral project to other universe in my next lifetimes.
Also i would like a co-host on the program, him being Playmate Eugene, who’s my soulmate with the exact wavelength and same chemistry component.
What better fulfillment than to spend my days working on my passion for hosting and the camera, derive recognition, travel the world with a loved one who understands and still get paid to feed myself and family. And when all that ends, there’s still the memories and experiences shared enough to last a lifetime.”

Nodding, he seemed satisfied with my answer as he reached for another glass of Vodka APeach.

At least you didn’t say something bimbotic like 50% of CityDevelopmentLtd.
I’m hungry, can cook for me noodles

I went to the kitchen to make instant msg noodles for him and gene, all the while pondering his question. Why settle for CDL when you can have Temasek Holdings. Or Donald Trump. Or Macdonalds. Or Microsoft.
Dumbass shallow people.


Jul '06

FTV video

Jul '06

Sir, would you like coffee or tea?

Seems like campaigns aren’t always the best solution. Since our early independence days, Singapore has nurtured a tradition of campaigning for change.

The Stop at two campaign, originally targeted at controlling population went into overdrive and now we are facing declining birthrate, is one of my life mottos.

Stop at two lychee martinis if i want to control my birthrate.

I can still remember the green frog telling us to keep our home Clean and Green, which has successfully earned us the Garden City title.

However, the Courtesy campaign which has been going on for the freaking longest time, has shown little improvement in changing our society.
Our locals hardly say thank you when i hold the lift door open, i get no apologies when they cut my queue and please,

somebody anybody!!

explain to me why the rush to board the mrt but people go into slow mo once they step into the train.
What happened to stand behind the yellow lines, let passengers alight first and move to the centre of the car/rear?!!

Likewise the recent SMILES campaign, to create service standard to rival that of Singapore Airlines, has done nothing much but a pebbled ripple.

Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, visited Singapore recently and craved for our local Bak Kut Teh pork ribs soup.
Being the busy man he is, he could only afford to have dinner but the popular Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh closes after lunch.
Despite requests to keep the shop open for this VIP, it was a flat no.

Thankfully, Ah Hwa Bak Kut Teh, another reknowned stall which also closes after lunch, made the exception of staying open for the politician, hosted him for dinner and the media in HongKong was buzzing with praises for her and condemning Ng Ah Sio.

A weekly Sunday ritual with my family @ Ah Hwa.Those hands scoop up the yummiest ribs for my parents, long time customers turned friends

Going the extra mile does have its benefits but we shouldn’t go the distance solely for rewards. It has to come from within, the goodness of one’s giving self.

There’s a downside tho. I cant get tables at Ah Hwa anymore!

Their business upped 50% since the publicity went island wide in HK and SG!
Gotta wait till the hulabalo dies down before i can bite into the juicy ribs again.

Jul '06

cebu and manduae

I visited a very famous cathedral the sunday i arrived. The Santo Nino Church.

The convent of the Sto. Niño de Cebu founded by Fr. Andres de Urdaneta on April 28,1565
the day the Legazpi-Urdaneta expedition arrived in the island.
On May 8 of the same year, when Legaspi and his men planned the urbanization of the city,
they allotted a “place for the church and the convent of San Agustin“
where the Santo Niño image had been found.

Church service was packed with locals and i squeezed in with the crowds to take a look.

The locals were praying and i was awed by the cravings as well as the paintings on the ceiling.

Almost as if, leonardo da vinci himself was here hundreds of years ago, working on these intricate paintings.
Also hung along the walls were other murals.


I took a moment to say a quick prayer (though im not a catholic) and went out to wonder the grounds.

Just outside the cathedral is this huge arena where people sat around chit chatting and when i looked up the skies, i believed in angels.



The first sight that greeted me when i left my suite this morning was this blissful image.

basking in the morning sun.
I went around the school today (monday), where everyone came abck to work and was able to show me around. The editting suite, the recording studios, the voice rooms, the computer graphics etcetc.

That’s part of the school behind me, it is huge and self sufficient, with canteen and all, and it sits facing the sea!

This is the drawing board i found in the graphics department, rough drafts of the animated characters they were producing.

This is my favorite.

I am your fairy princess.


And then it was off for more gallavanting!

Noell drove me to a lapu lapu monument, near the school, in a LIMO!


First time i’ve been in a stretched car, i felt like a princess.

This is the inside of the limo, complete with flat screen monitors and wine chillers.


And this is how the limo looks like from the front.


muahahahaha!! it was actually more like a local van modified to look like that. Notice the two horses at the side of the lights in the middle, talk about horse power.
our local ah bengs also cannot modify their cars until liddat right!


The lapu lapu monument.

That is LapuLapu. Yes, that’s the real name lah.

When i read the words, i was flummoxed.

Here on 27th April 1521, Lapulapu and his men replulsed the Spanish invaders,killing their leader Ferdinand Magellan. Thus Lapulapu became the first Filipino to have repelled European aggression.

waaaaaaaaait a minute.
Just yesterday, i was at the Magellan cross and it said……

Something’s not very right here.
Just barely a week before, Magellan planted a cross in their lands, baptizing many locals and was celebrated.

A week later, he gets assassinated.

I questioned Noell what happened in that one week that led to the death of the Spanish hero?

He didn’t have an answer either. 

I wanted to buy some souveniers back but all they sold were shells shells shells and more guitars.

It was amazing though, how every single item, from bracelets to lampshades are all handmade with shells found from their beaches.

I walked around finding lunch and i ended up at the police station.

And the poster board i saw outside the station should be placed in every country.

When the buying stops, the killing can too.

After that, Noell drove me into Manduae city for my hotstones massage!!


Sorry i dont have pictures of the spa cause privacy is very important at such places, but if you need to know it’s called MEDAH SPA and i paid about 800pesos ($24SGD) for 1.5hrs of kickass hotstone massage. The place was beautiful, clean with shower facilities and very polite staff.

I took a cab back myself that night and i got lost because, unlike Singapore, not all their roads were marked and though i tried my best to give him the actual street name. I ended up having to make (longdistance) calls to the people working at the school to direct the driver!

That was one scary incident, it was late, the roads were not lit and i was LOST!

I had a good sleep cause i had to wake up real early for the FTV shoot at the beach and this is my photographer, Roro.


Along with Noell on the left.

My flight was at 3pm in the afternoon so after a quick shoot, i rushed back, packed my stuff and was zipped to the airport.

Last minute souvenirs at the airport waiting area anyone?


Nothing feels like home, really.

Jul '06

Stay for the credits!


For such a huge production such as Pirates of the Carribean, everyone’s effort counts.

Yet only the main actors, producers and director’s name is mentioned in the papers.
The wardrobe, the makeup the props the computer graphics the location everything involved makes up a long list.

And it is only at the end of the 2.5 hour show that these little names are shown to the world.

Do your part, acknowledge them by sitting through the credits, enjoy the soundtrack and you’ll be rewarded with a 30sec clip right after the movie.

Remember, you read about it here first.

Jul '06

Lessons from the World Cup: You gotta use your head sometimes.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1i_l0OeeMc(i’ve tried to link the vid here but it seems that i need some plugin and cURL php thingie which is sooooo …….)

(i’ve tried to link the vid here but it seems that i need some plugin and cURL php thingie which is sooooo …….)SHOCKING!

I don’t think so.

Please watch the video properly and note the body contact and words exchanged.


The maserati grabbed the sedan from the back, pinched his nipples and rubbed his crotch all over sedan’s ass.

I can almost imagine the conversation to go like this.

Sedan: Oei. why you grab my nipples?

Maserati: I’ve never had a french man before.

Sedan: Siao eh, stay away from me or i tell the referee.

Maserati: Come my room tonight?

I would sock the fella in his face if it happened to me.Unfortunately, sedan is bounded by rules of the field and his job hazaard, so he could only use head or feet.    

I upset la, france lost.   


Jul '06

Cebububu day 1

Finally gotten down to sorting out my long overdue pictures from the Cebu trip. 

My friend Mick, was very kind to fly me down to Cebu to check out his film school, do a quick shoot for FTV and just simply have a break lah. Too bad it was just a short 3 day trip.

My mom and dad sent me to the airport. This is the first time my parents’ pix are on my blog!

There she goes, up in the sky,
There she goes, beyond the clouds.


I didn’t manage to get a direct flight, so Silkair stopped me pover at Davao first.


Then 40 minutes later, i arrived at Mactan Int’l Airport.



After putting my luggage down at the suite Mick provided for me, i insisted Noell, my assigned driver and makeshift tour guide, take me around town! 3 days! No time to waste!

First stop. factory outlet!

see the levis docker’s factory outlet?

He brought me to a SINGAPURA cafe for lunch. Do i look homesick already?!

Not wanting to disapoint him, i ordered popiah.


Then, armed with the map i picked up at the airport, i pointed to several monuments and places i would like to visit.

Shopping? You want go shopping?”

“Nono. I want to see your country.”

I felt bad making Noell take me around, because i arrived on Sunday and he has to drive me on his rest day because there was no one else around!

We arrived at San Pedro Fort.

Pier Area, Cebu City - The smallest, oldest tri-bastion fort in the country. This served as the nucleus of the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines. It has a total inside area of 2,025 sq. meters. The walls are 20 feet high, 8 feet thick and towers are 30 feet high from the ground level. First built in 1565, it served as a lookout point against enemies from the south. It was also used as army barracks, rebel hotspot even as a zoo once. Now it houses the tourism board and an open air theatre.

I noticed alot of the locals who were spending a lazy afternoon at the fields and marketplace at San Pedro stared at me when i got out of the van.Must have looked very touristy with my bag, camera and shades

The market place had alot of vendors selling snacks to the sunday lazers


Then he brought me to the Magellan’s Cross.

Magellan St. - Planted in April 21, 1521 by Ferdinand Magellan, this marks the spot where the first Christian Filipinos, Rajah Humabon and Queen Juana and about 400 followers were baptized by Fr. Pedro Valderama. In 1525 to 1740, the Agustinian priests built an open shrine for the cross, but the natives began to take chips from the cross believing it had miraculous power, so a kiosk destruction took place. To protect it further, a hollow cross of tindalo wood was made to encase the original cross which still stands today.

The roof depicted the whole story of how Magellan, this spanish fella, arrived in Cebu and held the baptism for the people.

This painting shows the actual planting of the cross.


Then it was evening, and Noell sent me to Mick’s office. He was in HongKong filming so he couldn’t be there to take me around so he got his friend Tobey to take me for dinner.

BigBucks coffee store that Mick set up.

And right on top of the coffeehouse is his bigfoot office building and the IAFT van i was ferried in.

This is mick’s car badly in need of a wash.

And this is the very handsome and OH SO VERY TALL and very single Tobey.

After dinner, i headed back to my suite and had a much needed rest. More to see and do tomorrow!



Jul '06

The kind of men i adore


Alrighty, so i’ve been getting comments that my taste in men is weird.
Believe you me, you aint the first.

I do have the odd interest of liking men with erm, character, for a lack of a better word.

Cause really, i say it once, i say it twice and i say it again now for all to see, it is NOT about the car. it is also NOT about the wallet. and definitely NOT about the bulge in the pants.

It is what’s up there. Nothing gets me more than a witty guy, or a guy with a big heart.

Someone who’s tall, lovable, generous, childlike, with a tinge of celebrity status would be perfect.

I would like you to meet Geoffrey.




To me, being with men is like a ball game. no pun intended.

Most guys are like a game of tennis. Singles or doubles in a group, they hold well paced conversations, with a little variety.

I like men who are a game of ping pong. Taking you one on one, their mind thinks faster than their mouths can speak, and often challenging your vocabulary while you struggle for a witty retort.

But please do not leave me with a man who is a game of golf.
I can say the funniest lines, and be rewarded with a blank stare or just a gratifying uhm. And then i have to walk 30 miles to hit the ball and try again.

Yet of course, i can’t deny that first impressions count and that is usually superficial.
So let me just list a few traits that i find absolutely endearing in men.


1. Single Eye Lids

I absolutely adore men who have single eye lids. It gives them a sleepy feel, unlike those big eyed pretty boys.

2. Glasses

The spectacles just adds on the geeky good boy factor and makes them all the more delicious.

This is my friend Andy who is oh so cute.
He also takes kickass pictures. http://www.andywee.com/

3. Loves animals

I feel that any guy who loves animals or has animals, is able to take care of and is sensitive to the needs of a being weaker than them.

4. Sagittarius or Aries men

Strongly believe in the star signs and i do favour these 2 alignments because i’m a sagi and aries are excellent.

5. Articulate, witty, spontaneous, arty farty, creative.

Too much to ask for? I doubt it. He comes in a full package like this.

Oh did i mention i adore ACS boys too?

Jul '06

Lois Lane is a slut.

waaaah lau.

I’ve just watched Superman last night and I’m convinced that Lois Lane ain’t that nice ah lian she leads you to believe.

How can she be pregnant with Superman’s child and convince Richard White that it’s his?

“You were gone for so long, i had to move on. How could you leave without even saying goodbye?”

Bullshit. She must shagged Richard White within the indescernible window period of the first trimester.

Or worse, she was two-timing Superman with Richard White.

Else no man would be so dumb as to believe that the kid is his lah.

 ”Every man knows when a woman is faking it, especially Superman” - Lex Luthor

Jul '06

happy birthday

Just got home from Miss Singapore World 2006, where i had to give away the crown to the new queens. How time flies. This time last year, we were the jittery ones on stage, vying for the crowns and tonight, we were the poised ones leaving our reign.

L-R: Ms World Shernice, Top Model Jo ma bitch, Brian nanny, Ms Chinatown Sherry,Mis Intercontinental Rebecca


I’m in a melancholic mood now. Because i’m seated here alone at my comp. Thinking about where my life is headed from henceforth. Thinking about the new “friend“ships i’ve forged.

Thinking about, that boy.

It’s 2nd of July, his birthday, and without fail, this day every year, my thoughts will turn to him. It’s been eight years since i last saw him, when we were 18, in college.
Sometimes, I wonder if I ever see him again, will i still forget to breathe?

I remember i first saw him when i transfered to ACJC, I was in the SC combi and he in SB.
Yet he’ll always pop by my class to hang out with the boys.
And i think i just fell for his floppy chlorine bleached hair, along with that tan from all the swimming. The way he wore his AC uniform, pants hung on his hips. Of course the smile too, and the bad boy feel about him and aiya everything about him was perfect lah.

So only my best friend Shu knew about how i would burst into molecules whenever i see him along the hallways, and my “bra”ther was always pestered by me to hang out more with the boys for information.

And then, nearing the end of my first year, we actually started hanging out! Thanks to my “bra”ther, we’ll go out for movies, meals in a group.

I practically lived through everyday with a silly grin on my face, to which Shu will go “spastic mia“.

My “bra”ther leaves for USA for the dec hols and he heads to Europe for a break with his family, and i’m stranded in Singapore for my lonely november birthday.
He promised to bring me a gift and asked what i wanted. So i asked for a traditional hand sewn English bear.

He called every other night, from whichever country he landed up in his tour, telling me about the place and the fun. Though it was less than 5 minutes, i still felt like the happiest idiot in the world each time i heard his voice.

When he returned, i had a hardrock cafe paris bear, and a Swatch watch as a birthday gift.


It lights up when the button is pressed and it says “This Is Not a Lamp”
The battery has since died but i cant bear to change it.


To a 17yr old who’s living on $50 a week, and hardly any attention from boys in school, those were mighty expensive gifts and surely a token of his affection?

Well, what goes up, must come down. The higher you climb, the harder you fall.

I got my “bra”ther to sound him out and i got my heart broken into smattering bits that night.

Things were awkward and even though my heart still skipped a beat when i saw him in the hallways, it was now out of fear and embarassment.

Just when i thought fate couldn’t be more cruel, after graduating, i signed up with many tuition agencies to earn some pocket money for Uni.
And of all the agencies in Singapore, one called and asked if I would like to take up a Pri. 6 boy in Balmoral Road. Sure, i would. It’s right near where he stays, what better excuse to hang around his house.
Turns out, it was his younger brother i was supposed to teach. Needless to say, i didn’t land the job.

No more ACS rich boys for me. Nah uh.

Cause he’s a god and i am not.


Happy birthday. 



*just a quick note, cause friends unaware of this phase in my life asked when we dated. We NEVER did*

damn. the one that got away. =P