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Jun '06

We need to talk. Seriously.

Signs that i have been partying waaaay too much.


To be captured on mumtazz.com TWICE in less than a week, at the same location.
SUBA is located at Millenia Walk.
Wednesdays are ladies’ night, free flow cosmopolian martinis from 6-9pm and strawberry fondue! Just ask the very handsome bar manager vincent lah.

Seated: cant remember who, chef-for-hire yuan, lina?
Standing: gorgeous esther, the big guy michel, me lah.

I looked like a complete bimbo with curls in my hair and orchids tucked behind my ear because we had a press conference that morning for Miss World 06.


Just last night, my very beautiful (and teenage!) friend from hongkong, michelle, who hosted me when i was there last year, together with diana the babe men swoon over.

Ok now, stop staring at my boobs.

Headed to MOS around 1030pm, had to show the place to Mich, and then we went to butter factory with Gene, Song and Kel. Bought a bottle of TEN HIGH (wtf?!) whisky for $68 complete with mixers and they drank themselves silly.
I’m getting old. All these clubhopping is taking its toll on me.

Can i start talking on a serious topic now that i’ve cleared the pictures out of the way?

I just want to talk about, well, talk.

“We need to talk.”

That simple line, 4 words, strikes fear in all men’s heart.

Did i do something wrong? She found out?
Or worse, are we gonna talk about committment?
*insert other committment related words like children/marriage/gowns/CPF/HDB/MRT*

Truth is, we don’t talk anymore.

At least, not face to face.

I’ve just received my Singtel bill for the month of May-June and my mom could not fathom how her daughter could chalk up 1139 sms.
(even though she don’t quite grasp the concept of sms in the first place.)

But honestly, neither could i.

With 657.5 minutes of free incoming calls and 173.0 mins of outgoing calls, bundled with the 1139 sms, i must have practically lived through the last month with my K700i glued to my hands.

Over at SUBA on saturday, all of us were sitting outside with Michel just beside me and i received an sms on my handphone.

Text Message received from Michel Lu”

Trained through many bitching sessions with the girls, i knew better than to look alarmed. It must be some information not to be shared around the table.

*hits read button*

What do you wanna do after this? I just want to sit and chill somewhere.”

So i replied, “Eh, you can just whisper to my ear why must sms? You send wrong person isit?”

And he text, “I shy lah.”

Text messages have turned us into extroverted introverts.
It is a less intrusive way of communication that doesn’t demand an instant facial reaction or verbal answer.
Our instinctual body language is not exposed for judgement and our hearts not laid bare for rejection.
We can take time to formulate the words we long to say but dare not speak.
Perhaps become a little bold to indulge in some flirting.
We even lessen the guilt, weighing on our conscience, when we turn down yet another dinner date from that persistant admirer. 

I am guilty of the sms syndrome. all 1139 of it. Because i am too chicken shit to tell the person in his face that i long to be with him. Or simply to tell him to fark off.

So i do it, armed with my mobile phone and quick fingers, bluntly and brutally, when i could have said it in person and give him a hug afterwards.

This is my motivation for the month of July. Say it with my voice. And save the handphone bills.

Jun '06

i should be so lucky…lucky lucky lucky

I must have been the luckiest girl over the last two days.

I got to meet Jamie Cullum first thing when he checked into Mandarin hotel on Wednesday evening and chatted with him before our excursion to the British High Com for the Queen’s birthday celebration!

It was my first time at the grounds of the High Com and it’s beaaautiful. Huge “mother of all maruqees” were set up in the field, in front of the grand colonial home.
Everything was british that night. From the crowd to the food to even the Aston/Bentley/Royce on display.

Jamie did 3 songs for the crowd that night and i had my fill of scones.


Then on thursday morning, i set foot on an OIL RIG.

Yes. An oil rig. The kind of thing Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck was working on in Armageddon. Took on a hosting job for couple of hours for the official naming of WilPower the rig.

It was magnificent. Not everyone gets to go onboard an oil rig everyday so i took this opportunity to change into flat boots, hard hats, gogles and gloves and made me way up the rig.

Complete with entertainment rooms and bunk beds, we toured the rig, the engine room, the coolers and even the helipad!

All crew has to be transported via helicopter when the rig is parked out at sea.Going up was no problem, coming down was FEAR FACTOR for me. The platforms were mere grills which are see-through all the way to the sea.
So i could see the waves lapping 50M below me should i miss my footing.

*ahem* and i cant swim.

Imagine my jelly legs.
And then, it was off to see Jamie in concert!
He was a blast! Though i still agree with old school jazz, i must say Jamie has got excellent showmanship and is quite the performer.
Bursting with energy on stage, he’s practically everywhere, picking up the guitar to the drums and jumping on the piano.
Unfortunately, i wasn’t really able to enjoy the show fully, having to run around preparing the meet&greet and ticket stuff.

I had lots of thanks that night, from grateful fans who love him and got to meet him, from my cousins who thourougly enjoyed the show, from my “shifus” in the lab who had an entertaining night after work, from my jazz-loving friends, etc.

Some people just deserve the best things in life, simply because they are appreciative.

Made a small booboo that night tho. When everyone cleared out and the stagehands were packing, i was backstage, talking to this spectacled angmoh wearing a tight white tee with japanese words on it.
Angmoh: Hey, you working with the organisers?

Me: yuppers. I’m mia. hello.

Angmoh: hi i’m sebastian.

Me: how was it? busy? you tired out?

Angmoh: it’s the same things we do all the time. am ok. just resting a little before the england match!

Me: did you get this teeshirt from your previous stop in japan?

Angmoh: yeaa! what does it say?

Me: erm…something about alcohol and wine!

Angmoh: it does?! well, got it from some sponsor people.
It wasn’t until i got home then i realised that angmoh is Sebastian the drummer.

“busy? tired out?”

I feel stupid.

Luckily i didnt ask him if he “enjoyed” the show.

(note to self: find out who the performing artistes are before the show!)
And finally… let me just announce this from the top of my lungs,





I first set my eyes upon him sometime late last year, in an Oriental Hotel ballroom. Eugene and I were hosting Catholic High Graduation Dinner and he caught my eye.
Immediately, i pounced on a yearbook and flipped through the pages till i found his mugshot and name. Paul Twohill.
What a name! Reminds me of the place i grew up. One Tree Hill.

Before we left, i said “Bye Twohill!” and his friends standing around teased him about it and he looked painfully shy!

The second time i saw him was on the teevee screen! Wearing the SAME outfit he wore for graduation dinner and belting his lungs out.

I’m in love.

Somebody stop me.

Jun '06

she listens like spring and she talks like June…

I love this month.

I can go shopping at the Great Singapore Sale with my girlfriends, stay out past the midnight witching hour, without them having to rush back to husbands or boyfriends.


How considerate it is of both parties to have the GSS and the World Cup together so the boys and girls will stay away from each other’s neck.
Not in a seductive way but in a menacing “hand-to-throat” syndrome.

 ”Look honey, see what i bought at the sale! This Blueberry singlet is only $268 after 70% off! So cheap!!”

Usually the response will be, “WHAAAA? That kind of money i can buy 10 hang den polo tees! Or 4 Sara business shirts!”

But during this football season, it’ll be just a grunt, without so much even a side glance to the offending singlet, “Good to hear you’ve enjoyed shopping. Get us some more beer from the fridge sweetie?”

Wait til the credit card bills come in. Or the betting scores.


Another reason why i love this month is because of him.

’nuff said.




Lastly, the reason why i love this month,


Jamie Cullum is finally coming thurs. Maybe i should do a give-away contest here……

Jun '06

The sun, the sand and the bitch.

headed to cebu philippines in march on invitation by a friend to look see chit chat at his film/acting school.

took the opportunity to do a quick shoot for FTV which he also owns rights to in Phil and Singapore.

This is my favorite shot. Also because it is the most memorable.

Little Miss Miaffet, stood near the leaflets, posed for a shot so dear,
Along came a spider, webbing just beside her, scaring little miss miaffet away!

I was happily prancing in the clear waters and sun, smiling away then i saw a HUGE ASS SPIDER WEB right next to me and a big black mean ass arachnid in the middle of it, waiting to have me for lunch.

I bolted out of the waters, away from that rock faster than you can say “Go Web!”



This shot was taken at some abandoned house on the beach. Talk about beach front properties. The roof was completely gone but the toilet bowl was still there.


This is another shot i like. Feels like a nice postcard.



I dont like these pix but it makes me look damn fucking skinny. Which reminds me, i have to watch my diet, can feel myself ballooning a little and i’m sure it’s not the water retention.

See how clear the waters are!


Last but not least,

i absolutely lurrrrve this. it’s so happy cheery me.

 Make me happy will you?


Jun '06

It’s official!!

I’ve got several people to thank for this huge ass move.

I FINALLY GOT IT UP! www.miatan.com

(not to be confused with the mazda mx5 miata)

Firstly, AIK BOON from DewTouch. He so kindly sponsored my webspace, got his designers to work on my site 24/7, and accomodated all my fickle requests!!!
The end result? Well, you are seeing it for yourself.
So if you need any IT solutions at all, or if you are JUST AS CLUELESS about setting up a site, he’s the man to look for.
email me for his number. He’s still single, by the way. No pix, coz he’s a man of mystery.


Secondly, JULIAN from youth.sg for introducing Aik Boon and putting a knife at his neck to get him to help me out!
He’s cute aint he?




Thirdly, Kenny Sia, for hacking into my ftp blog account and worked his voodoo magic to get some of the stuff working.
And of course i returned in kind during his trip here. It’s hard to resist him. Somtimes.


Lastly, i would like to thank all my friends who supported my decision to move away from my old blogsite and setting up on my own.

This site is not quite done up the way i would like it to, mainly due to my lack of IT knowledge as well as time.
Busy running around for the concert which is happening june 15th.
Still moving my archives bit by bit and friends are saying, “Why not start anew?” and leave the old entries where they were?

maybe i should.
maybe i’m just sentimental.

or maybe i’m just spiteful.


Jun '06

The day Kenny came into town.

I’ve waited so long for this day. Thought about it. Dreamt about it. Talked to friends about it.

I thought i’ll never be ready when it happens. I thought i wouldn’t be worthy.
But i have no time for all those worries coz finally he breezes into town!! KENNY SIA IS IN  MY SINGAPORE!!

The first time i set my eyes on him, the whole world comes to a standstill ala true Matrix style. The shoppers’ crowd at Raffles Shopping center froze and time came to a halt.

There he was, standing in front of me. Just a boy, wanting to love a girl.
*shudder* snaps back into reality!

We went for dinner at Cafe Cartel and man, he just cant keep his eyes focused on my meticulous makeup that i’ve taken 2 hours to slap on. The least he could do was to study it in close detail, admiring the blend of eyeshadow and how wonderfully extensive my mascara is but noooooooooooo, he couldnt take his eyes off Singaporean girls.

He would turn his head ever so non-discreetly everytime a remotely underdressed girl whizzes past our table.

After dinner, he insisted on doing some touristy stuff, so we headed to Raffles Hotel and got him the very original, very authentic Singapore Sling. And i took this opportunity to ask for his signature, on the bill slip of course.

Honestly, no amount of Singapore Slings can beat a uniquely Singapore experience if you’ve never tried to hail a taxi in our streets from 10pm-12mn.
Kenny experienced the phenomenon of vacant taxis that refused to stop and last minute display of “on call” signs.

But the frustration was nipped when a group of guys and cute gals actually recognised Kenny and turned around screaaaaaaming his name along the streets. For a moment there, i felt the magic of celebrity.

Finally a rare cab stopped for us and took us to Katong to meet, the legendary Brown there, Miyagi that. Only thing was, the cabbie didnt have change for our a $10 note so he ended up ripping off a very generous Keep-The-Change-Kenny of $3.

Miyagi and Brown are just like how they are. The perfect duo of each halves. Witty, insightful and very family men leh.

In presence of such high profile bloggers, i suddenly find myself small and much in awe. Not everyone can be a blogger. Sure, you can be someone who simply blogs.
But a blogger is revered as a celebrated cyber trend setter, a career.
The whole high from meeting the Prince of Blogosphere has jump-start the stagnant, (dare i write this?) blogger in me.

Keep watching this space.