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Apr '06

If there is only time to watch one movie this year…..

this is it.

Best Short Clip of the Year



do not watch ultraviolet.

i repeat.



dont say i didnt warn you.


sorry for the lack of updates…absolutely zilch motivation.

no inspiration.

but i’ll tell abit of stories here and finish it up with a series of PHOTOS!!!



Scene: Nissan Sunny along paya lebar         Time: 230pm        Mood: Panic

I’ve started driving lessons. Yes. i finally passed the advanced theory after 6 tries.

I failed first in 99, passed the second time around and its validity lasped in 01. Tried again once in 03, once in 04, twice in 05 and passed in 06.
People like me should never be allowed on the roads. Then again, there are always loopholes in policies.


Instructor: oKay ah…half cluck half cluck. OEI HALF CLUCK LAH.

(note: driving instructors speak like that coz Shu’s instructor also says half cluck.)

Instructor: ah up ahead junction, keep left, turn left ah.

Not taking my eyes off the roads i nodded and proceeded to flick the signal lights downwards.

*tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock right signal light blinks*

I kept to my lane and when reaching the junction, i started to turn my wheel to the right.

Instructor (panics): OEI TURN LEFT TURN LEFT!

Mia (shocked by the sudden outburst, steps on the clutch thinking it’s the brakes, causing the car to FREE WHEELY): YA i know! i am TURNING LEFT!!

Yes i know…woman driver. I cannot distinguish left and right. I have problem gauging distance, especially in rear view mirrors.

It’s ok…after i pass the driving test, i’ll just drive with the L plate permanently hung on my car so everyone will give way to me.




Scene: DXO                 Time: 950am Wed           Mood:  Bored

Was at DXO watching the Miss Tourism World Singapore semi finals with Playmate.
There was a table of 5 hunks sitting right in front of the stage, presumably to oogle at the girls in bikinis on parade.

Playmate left to answer a phonecall and i spied Brian and Robert entering the club, my minders for Miss World Singapore pageant last year.

HEY HEY!! HOW ARE YOU! *muaks muaks* *hugs hugs* I”VE BEEN GOOD AND YOU? *hugs hugs muaks muaks giggles*

The table of 5 hunks turned at the commotion and stood up and walked over!

Turned out they were from Manhunt Singapore (also handled by Brian and Robert) so there i was, surrounded by 7 men, all while Playmate was away.
*evil cackle*
The pageant starts proper and there was the Q&A session.

emcee: Why would you recommend Singapore to your overseas friends?

contestant #472 (who is a PRC but is a PR here answered in mandarin): Because Singapore is multi racial and is very safe. there are alot of cross cultural spots here and we have a fantastic night life. I would bring them to the newly opened international club MOS!

emcee: thank you and good luck!

No one appluaded.

Girl. Your pageant is held at DXO. You don’t mention MOS.

The next contestant went on to gush about how wonderful DXO is, big spacious, near 6 star hotels, easy to get around, so much that it sounded too patronising.

Then contestant #472 ran up on stage again. “Sorry i would like to add that DXO is also a good place for partying, now that i’m here myself i think it’s very good!”

Girl. You either stick to your guns or forever hold your peace. Running up on stage for a second time to clarify your previous mistake is just highlighting it more.

emcee: What local food would you recommend?

Contestant # 748: Definitely the Char Kway Teow, because it is very delicious and it has alot of cockles.

emcee (obviously trying to help): And what makes it so delicious? Any other ingredients?

Contestant #748 : Oh it has noodles fried in a sweet black sauce, with eggs and sausages and cockles.



Are these the girls we might be sending for international pageants?
And for the last round of parade when everyone was invited on stage, the PRC girl didn’t come up from backstage and that shows a lack of grace.

When you say something wrong, step down gracefully.

I can’t wait to see who wins.