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Mar '06

How to get anyone to say yes

Today, Gene very proudly showed me a book he borrowed.

Hard binded, the letterings read,

The Science of Influence:
by Kevin Hogan

















I casually flipped to a page, there were lots of words, some diagrams, flowcharts.

*thup*  i closed the book nonchalently.

Obviously, the book is written by a man. It was about 200 pages thick, with lots of descriptions of what to do and say in situations.

Unknown to this man however, is that women already know the secret of how to make anyone say yes, in 8 SECONDS or less.


















There is only ONE page in the entire book. And on that one page, there is only ONE line.




I kenah langah

Wednesday turned out to be bad during the day but fantastic during the night.


like a true stunt performer, i fell onto the boot of the car.
Curled my body up and did a quick roll off the red paint and landed on my feet, crouching position.
Siao ah. Think i Selene or Trinity ah?
Scene: Outside my house, Teck Kee Pau shop        Time: 230pm          Mood: Rushed
I was flagging a cab frantically, looking left and right on both sides of the road.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, i was swept off my feet and i landed wham on the boot of a red car.

My immediate instinct was “Jia lat, must be when i flagging cabs, i’ve been walking backwards and i bumped into the parked car.”
I looked down at the back lights and i saw the WHITE REVERSE LIGHTS WAS ON!

blardee hell! The car reversed into me!

I hitched up my skirt, spunned around on my heels and went to the driver’s window

*window gets wound down*
HOEI! Do you know you just REVERSED your car INTO ME?!”

Gone was the sweet Miss Tourism Miss Globe world peace sweet sprouting Mia.
Sorry sorry ahh…”
SORRY?!!! HARLOW you got LOOK in your mirror not? Got check blind spot not before moving off?!”


Ya got see got see. Sorry sorry.”
“I so tall, so BIG, you also cannot see meh! NEXT time be careful ah!!”
So SFN 1868 L got away with a scolding and i escaped unharmed except for a story to tell and an aching hip.

My mom went to buy 4D, but never tio. Why? Coz came out 1688 instead.


Met up with some friends at night, over at Club Street Bar, Rochester and MOS.

Laugh all you want, but for this swah koo here, it is my first time to Rochester park and MOS.

I feel embarassed to even admit it. But hey, i get VIP entry at MOS. heh heh.

Even though it is a humongosaurus place, it is jammed packed with people.
A fight broke out in the smoove room and we got shoved around so headed back to the sky lounge to sit, chill and watch the crowd shaking their butts off below in the main retro arena. Loved the retro list they were playing!!

There was a lady in our group and she’s a PLASTIC SURGEON! I squeezed the opportunity to get professional consultation without the rocket high fees!

“Bigger eyes, sharper nose, straighter teeth.” i asked of her, almost like she’s a fairy godmother, granting me 3 wishes.

And wisely, like a fairy godmother, she replied, “You are beautiful as you are. In fact, i noticed, if you tie your hair back, i find a little Gong Li in you.”


Got home almost 3 and hardly slept then had to zip off early for teaching.

But that’s alright. I’ll sleep when i’m dead.

Mar '06

Watched Underworld :: evolution last night. Was a little worried that it would disappoint like the first but IT”S SO DARN GOOD!


No spoilers but here’s a clip that oughta be the trailer for the movie. Definite hit with me.
It was totally random out of nowhere but i guess, the director HAD to pave the way for underworld3 and this is the best way out, vampire lycan prodigy.


She is SO HOT.    bite me, thrill me, bleed me dry.






Mar '06

of men, of late

I don’t know how i’ve developed this bad habit of not calling people by names but by descriptive words such as “Gorgeous, Cutey, HunkyDory” etc.

Terrible ah. They all think i flirt with them leh.


Scene: Car Interior     Location: River Valley      Time: 9ishpm       Mood: Party

Swinging by to pick up a guy friend of mine. He’s pretty gorgeous by normal standards. And he’s not gay! Imagine that.

When he got into the car, i greeted him, “Hello GORGEOUS!”

And he said, “Well, hello. I thought that was YOUR name, gorgeous.”


awwwww. FLIRT!!

*smacks herself*



But i must say, i did enjoy my wednesday night out at indochine. Had drinks with an acquaintance, whom i now intend to keep as a friend.

It is very rare that i enjoy a night out with someone i hardly knew (plus he’s an ANGMOH!) and hold a conversation about love, life, family, work, dreams, plans, travels and friends.

There was no need to impress, no need to contrive.

I like it when people have no agenda.