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Feb '06

3 guys, 2 girls and a gay

aiya enough lah.
who’s pretty who’s not, does it really matter?

get your priorities right people.
the prettiest, the sexiest IS KENNY SIA.




















so shuddup lah. He’s deluded into thinking i’m some goddess. Stop convincing him otherwise by your comments.


anyway, alot happened in the past week.

On wednesday, Gene and I hosted the T3 magazine launch at Zouk for our good pals over at Playworks Pte Ltd and WAAAAH we had a BLAST!!!



















A long forgotten aquaintance Brian, came up and spoke with me, remembering me from a Discovery Channel audition 2 years ago.
He was gushing with compliments about my hosting and really, i felt a little overwhelmed and paiseh by the attention.

Later on i heard he bumped into Eugene, congratulated him on setting up his events company and saying that he should focus more on the business side as i should front the hosting side.

*oops* Gene is the experienced one, man. I just karong kabook.


After the event we headed over the Song’s.
*insert advertisement* Catch Dr. Song of love in the new reality dating show, produced and directed by long time classmate of mine, A LIGHT AFFAIR, now on Ch 5, every Wednesday 10pm.


And we watched a clip over at his place. Yes. THE CLIP.
The computer-monitor smashing, most sought-out clip released over the internet last week, with its sequel rumoured to be out, starring an unknown star student from Singapore!


This was how the conversation went inside the room, where we all cramped up together and jostled to get a piece of the action, not wanting to miss a singe pixel.
Girl 1: EHHhhhhhhh u got the clip ahhh. LET’S WATCH!!

Guys (chorus): WAAAAAAH good things must share!!!
*clip starts*

All the guys gasp in unison.

Presumbly at the girl’s skills.

All the girls gasp in unison.

Presumbly at the boy’s size.



About 20 seconds into the clip, bored of the same action, Guy 2 said “Eh fast forward to the middle leh.”
So the clip FF to about 4 minutes or so.
After another 50 seconds, bored of the same position, Guy 3 said “Eh can we get to the end now?”
Girl 2: “HOEI what’s wrong with you guys!! Why must always rush through one!!!!”
Gay: “Erm….this is quite disgusting. Why isn’t he using a condom?”
All the straight people in the room looked at him.
Guy 1: “It’s ok what.”

Gay: “No it’s NOT okay lor. I dont know how things work in the straight world, but in our world, condoms are a MUST lor. I mean harlow. Basic safety can!”


Yes people.

Always practise SAFE SEX.


Protect yourself from unwanted attention.
Never agree to having SEX being filmed on your handphone/camera.

Oh and i forgot.
Protect yourself from unwanted disease and pregnancy.
Always use a condom.


Safe Sex. Don’t be Sorry. Like Tammy.

Feb '06

love is in the air

this coming valentine’s day has CLOGGED UP my mailbox. Even the main inbox.

The junk mails of “Send your valentine a 100 roses today!”      “Save up to 40% when you purchase a Valentine bear with us!”        “Can’t perform when you need to? Use penovile cream and make her happy this Valentines!”       obviously went into the bulk folder.

My inbox is filled with friendster notices. “Someone has sent you a valentine! Find out WHO!”
And everytime i check, i get disappointed.

That is, until today.

This was an MSN message that happened between me and kenny right after he wrote on his blog about the girls he would date based on their online personalities. Pity i wasn’t on the list, but i wouldn’t want XX’s claws on me after that Sunday Times article and stealing her blogger friends.
To have him say that was like having Tony Leung watch my 10second TVC.

And then…..today….out of the hundreds of friendster valentine emails…… i got this.












Awwww. he loves me afterall.

Feb '06

shost from last sunday’s shoot

Sunday we did a shoot to kinda update my folio.

here’s some shots.

sorry i aint too chatty these days.







































Feb '06

Flushing money down the toilet

This was what transpired over my regular IRC chat session.

i will pay you cash 1K

no *** and no touching

I need you to be fully dressed and standig over me i need you to pee on my face and wactch me masterbated until i come
wat if I cant pee for so long?

we do it in a hotel

call me

Now everytime i go pee, i feel like i’m losing one thousand dollars. That gives real meaning to throwing money down the toilet.