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Jan '06

Happeee new yeaaar!! The final installment of China Pageant!

Ok here’s some more pix…im a little lost…. too much partying and oversleeping is putting me into slow mo.

HAPPEEEEE NEWWWW YEAAAAAAAAAAR!!!! and i hit the 7000 viewership mark for my blog in the new year!!

funny but this year doesn’t give me good vibes.

somethings gotta change. first of all, that’ll be me.

Went to Chairman Mao’s house, had a drink with him and chatted for about an hour. Friendly chap of few words, i was the one doing most of the talking and translating, oooh-ing and aaaah-ing at the exihibts.

Tried to drive the girls off in the buggie even though i didn’t have a license. but who cares?! it’s in China!

My favorite girls. I dont know why but the moment i saw them i just LOVE THEM.

Over at the SeaWorld in Wuhan. Somewhat like our Underwater world in Sentosa, they also have the tunnel that brings you around the depths of the sea and animal shows with sealions and seals.

We had to do alot of autographs everywhere we go!

Niao Yu Lin, it’s an open air bird park. A little like Singapore’s.

Now heading over to HuBei TV station!!!

And now reporting news live to you from HuBei TV station, i am your newscaster from Singapore.

The palace in Beijing

And of course i can’t leave without saying bye to the guy who’s everywhere in China…