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Dec '05

China trip trilogy

After a super late night taking official photos, we woke super early for a press conference.

This was the dress i wore for the press. I like it alot!

Here’s datuk danny ooi, he’s the main guy behind this pageant.

Ok the next day.

I lost track liao lah.
We had rehearsal for the first time, coz Rafal finally arrived in Wuhan from another pageant.

So we had to bring our national costumes AGAIN, coz Rafal has to see us in them in order to co-ordinate us and divide the groups into “Can dance with costume & Cannot move at all with costume”

Fooling around before rehearsal.

L-R gorgeous ukraine behind, paraguay, s.africa, bolivia, mexico, spain, georgia, brazil on the lap.

Oei, tired of typing all the countries names, you read yourself lah.

In costume glamour.

L-R Macau, S.Africa, Cambodia, Hongkong, Korea, Ukraine, Kazakstan, Cyprus, Malaysia, Russia and Ethopia

whoever took this shot for me had shaky hands, blardee hell.

Miss Georgia with her BIG HAIR

Back at the restuarant where we had dinner for 5 days straight. The waitress is specially attached to me i don’t know why.

(L-R Portugal same birthday as me, Lithuania, Bosnia who’s middle name is Mia, and canada who reminds me of celine dion)

This dish made all the girls squeal and squirm. Turtles in sauce, not in sea.


China Trip Sequel

(paiseh…this part two comes so much later after part 1 on 2nd dec…if u missed it, just check on the calender lah… eh if LOTR and Kill Bill can take one year apart to release, i also can take 1 week ok.)

Early morning, we departed to see the GREAT WALL of china. After a super long 2.5 hour bus ride, we finally arrived at BA DA LING.

Tian Xia Di Yi Xiong Guan
The most majestic gantry on earth. or something.

We hardly spent 30 minutes walking the wall coz there were soooo many tourists and people who wanted to take photos with us, on top of having to sign a huge banner.

This guy is Mr Tong. He has escorted alot of famous people, like Presidents of USA, ministers, celebrities etc and explained to them the history of the Great Wall.

And this is my FAVORITE PICTURE from the WHOLE TRIP.

Now if only i can photoshop away that boy in the background.

See, there are so many people in China, it is impossible to take a shot without people in it.

Everyone pose with our banner!

Then back to the hotel to rest and pack our bags and prepare for the train ride.

My favorite girl, Judy from S.Africa

Last year’s winner, Anush from armenia.
She looks hellalot like angelina jolie don’t she?

Kazakhstan and Krgystan.
Onwards to the train station at night, 9pm ride overnight from Beijing to Wuhan.

The girls i bunk with. Miss Taiwan on the upper deck, Miss Korea in pink and Miss Malaysia in black. (taiwan won, korea and malaysia got into top 12. so sad, i’m the only one who didn’t make it anywhere!)


End of day 3

Arrived in Wuhan train station at 7am. Lots of people, press, cameras, flowers etcetc. Too early to be bothered lah.

10 hour train ride and expect us to smile?!

(back:L-R Krgystan, Venezula, Czech, Armenia, Cyprus. front L-R: Korea, Malaysia, Lithuania, Bosnia, me)

In the hotel’s conference room. Everyone is finally gathered together and meets for the first time. All 41 of us.

At this point of time, i’m like, jia lat. How do i remember 40 names?!!

By the time i returned to Singapore, i only remembered their names and not their countries.

This was a free day, and we all had a good rest, some girls went out to get snacks, i had a great hair wash at the salon.

End of Day 4.

Day 5 started with a visit to a museum that was just across the road from our hotel. I was pretty excited and i wanted to grab our tour translators to bring me there yesterday but luckily it was part of the arrangement to take us today.

IT”S A TOMB. omg. Photos weren’t allowed in the museum but of course, we are TOURISM DELEGATES, we can blardee do whatever we want.

For me, i usually don’t like to photograph in museums, coz i PangTang lah. Museums, are usually, either sacred or the exact opposite. But i couldn’t resist one picture.

THESE BELLS ARE HUGE!! And this is only 3/4 of the entire display. These are musical instruments in the olden days and we were given a demostration of similar instruments.
Then it was lunch.

(L-R) very pretty philippines, me, krgystan, puerto rico, USA, Venezula, Mexico, Brazil

And we had 10 dishes every meal. breakfast lunch dinner.
During meal times, you’ll often hear the chant, “Miss Singapore MiSS SINGAPORE!!”

The girls kept calling me to explain to them what each dish consists of and i have to eat each dish before they would touch it. I think it’s a conspiracy to get me fat.

Then it was rest time, and dinner.

(back L-R Hongkong, Bosnia, korea, philippines, taiwan, me. Seated L-R: ethopia, bulgaria, fav girl Australia, cambodia)

We were all enjoying our dinner, until one drunkard guy ran up the stage and started doing KungFu stunts. The girls were all enjoying it cause China mah, must see kungfu. They all thought it was a scheduled program until the guy started shouting and the security had to subdue him.

And then everyone rush to change into their national costume back at the hotel to take photos for the pageant booklet.

I had to do my own hair and makeup ok!! Wah lau. Didn’t manage to take alot of pictures cause we were going in batches and my batch not many people lah.

On the night of the pageant, Miss Paraguay won Best National Costume.

Not hard to see why.

I haven’t changed into my cheongsam yet. Here’s Krgystan and 3rd place winner, Czech.

Dec '05


We interrupt your daily reading to bring you a newsflash.

In the early hours of the morning today, at 2am, a Toyota Altis was involved in an accident with a taxi. The crash happened along Killiney Road, right outside Mitre Hotel.

Driver of the car, Mr Eugene Tay said, “I was indicating left to turn into Mitre Hotel, then the taxi came from the left, behind me and rammed into my front passenger door.”

The passenger door was damaged and couldn’t be closed. (beng kohk liao)

The taxi driver gave his side of the story, I saw him indicate right and i thought he was turning into the SPC petrol station, that’s why i tried to overtake him on the left.

Just who saw what? We asked an eyewitness who was staying at Killiney Apartments and she told us she saw the crash happen with her son.

There were broken headlight glass scattered on the road and long, dark skid marks leading from the nearby NTUC to the entrance of Mitre Hotel where the accident occured.

Your kaypoh reporter, Mia Tan, reporting live after returning from scene of crime.


Eh very cool leh u know. When i rushed to the scene, the police was already there. Got red blue lights flash flash flash.

“Is anyone injured?”    No.   “Is there any damage to government property?”    No.

Alright, there’s nothing we can do now. This is not a major accident so it is to be settled personally with the drivers and insurance company.”

Then the ambulance arrived.  *weeee ooooooh weeeeee ooooohh weeeeee ooooooohh weeeeeeep weep weep*

“Anybody injured?” the oh so cute paramedics rushed down like a knight in shining armour.
*mia quickly lies on the floor and begins flaring her arms around*
“No, no one’s injured.” replied the crisp policeman.   (crisp coz he looks yummy like crispy potato chips)

“Ok, good night.”
And then we had our first taste of presidency. The police car ESCORTED Gene’s Altis as he drove back to my place!
Ok lah, short distance but still! Cheap thrill.

Gene’s gone to see his precious car at the mechanic today.


Stay tuned for more updates.


There’s no absolute

Couple nights ago, over dinner, someone threw a coffee table book on the table of course, (coffee TABLE book what) and said “this is trash. absolute trash. Whaddya think of this, mia?”

huh who me? erm.

I was franctically looking around for the waiter. Where’s my creme brulee?!! Commenting on the book was the last thing on my mind, cutting it close to “what i should buy at the Loreal sale at Expo over the weekend” which is secondary to the dessert.

Why ask me? We just met an hour ago.

Maybe he wanted an honest answer. Or a polite one.

While i struggled to come up with an honest and politically correct answer (usually these two don’t hold hands and go strolling in the park), the waiter was nowhere in sight.

Well…….” i began, trying to buy time and hope that they’ll soon forget i am supposed to come up with some intelligent answer.

I think there are some good shots in here.”

“No c’mon. The truth! This is trash!”

Well….not all shots are nice but some are ok.”

“What? Are you sure? Be honest. You have to be honest with yourself! Tell me which one is good. Tell me.”

I pointed to one of the best choreographed shot. There.

“nooo nooo nooo noooo” came the chorus from BEP, followed by vigorous head shaking.


I don’t believe in absolute. There’s no absolute good nor bad, right or wrong. There’s always something to learn from everything and nothing can be denied.

A lousy script, is like a handicapped man. As long as the man has a healthy outlook on life, is determined to live on and with help or support, can survive.

Likewise, a trashy script can be salvaged by a brilliant director, exquisite acting, apt sound effects.

A horrible melody, salvaged by a strong voice, beautiful lyrics and a good mixer.

I think it’s at least something to build on. It may not be great, but the next one will be better.” I said, honest and correct.



Dec '05

To hang or not to hang

To be hung. It has already happened.

Sorry this entry came so late. Shu, in australia, have been upadting me with the media hoohaa downunder.

So he has a sad story to tell.

Who doesn’t.

Singapore is a safe and clean country. Clean of drugs, firearms, grafitti and even chewing gum.
How does that equate to a seaport of barbaric Chinese rogues?

By pardoning a drug courier, ignoring and disrespecting another country’s law, having the homeland to rally behind his sentence, sounding church bells to commemorate him, like a national hero, makes one less barbaric it seems.

Dec '05

Trip of China

please forgive me.

i haven’t blogged in a million years. I’m getting complaints!!

Jo, as usual, is having withdrawal symptoms coz i haven’t been writing.
Shu, is bugging me to write coz she wants to know what’s happening on this end of the world.
My cousin called me today out of the blue to tell me to blog coz she’s been reading nothing new.
Alritey, i’ve got so much to say but i don’t know where to start!

Oh the Catholic High dinner and dance that Gene hosted, (I was Vanna White), oh my gosh.

Boys prom nights are just SOOO DIFFERENT from girls’ prom night. Some came in Tshirt!!!!! They all need a David Gan.

And i was on stage to tease the boys as to their “pick-up” lines and Clarence, (refer MMS pic) said “If i weren’t gay, you’ll be my choice.”

In front of two tables of principals and teachers.


Did i also mention one boy came in a dress and stockings?
Okies, enough about that. FOTOS!!
(for the geographically challenged, please proceed with google maps as there will be many references to various countries)

I touched down in Beijing in the early morning. Beautiful. And awfully cold.

After an hour’s wait at the airport for Miss Malaysia, who didn’t board her flight in the end, we travelled another hour to the hotel resort with Miss Estonia.

This resort is on the outskirts of Beijing, used as a holiday getaway. There are no tall buildings and on the drive in, we are flanked by fields and fields of corn.

This was my first meal. I was amazed. more than 10 dishes. Woah.

I was happy to see ducks. Siao ah. Botanical gardens also have what.

Miss Cambodia, who later became really attached to me.

End of Day1 rest day.

(L-R: back: macau, canada, estonia, australia. front: russia, philippines, georgia, ethopia, korea, me and cambodia)

Early morning, we had to come down with our national costumes for some photo taking.

Then it’s time for SIGHTSEEEEING!!

First stop, Beijing underground city.

Built for nuclear attacks, it was extremely hush hush so i couldn’t take pictures inside. It was very deep, very cold.
At their souvenir section, they have silk pulling demostration.

Four women hold each corner of a piece of silk and pull together to make it a thin spread for the bed linen.

Then on the way back to the bus, i took some common street sights.

Then it was off to lucky tower! It is so called lucky tower because the corner is in the south east and during the olden times, it is considered the victory gate where warriors will ride through.

At the foot of the tower.

There, behind us, where the two walls meet, is where we relak one corner.

Took a nice shot of the train coming in from the top of the tower. The tracks are just next to it.

Off to a teahouse! Just like beer is water in Germany, tea is water here.