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Sep '05


We had a FREE 2D1N trip to bintan, courtesy of Nirwana Resorts, Singtel and ContentCraft.

We got on a boat from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and took a 55min boat ride to Bintan and we had a PRIVATE BUS PICK US UP!

HECK, we were even welcomed in boyband style with placards.

Except that we were all known as THE PARTY.

We’ve arrived!

At one of the best rooms in the hotel, we took shost at the balcony..which overlooks the SEA!

One of the games we play…

Don’t MESS with me or i’ll blow your balls out!

We shoot, chee koon also shoot. But he shoot film.

Sara trying to look ferocious with the bow.And presenting, Dino, the not so friendly iguana who stays at the resort. Try finding him in the pic below.

One other thing i LOVE about Nirwana Resorts…THEIR MASSAGE…ASMARA SPA…awwww…sorry i don’t have pictures to show (coz we were in various stages of being undressed)


Mee Soto prepared by Gene and the chef.

And…..presenting…Sara, Chee Koon and my personal FAVORITE……