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Aug '05

Last 2 days in Hong Kong

One thing i’ve learnt: there’s always time for dessert, dogs and beggars.

Ok vainpot again. still trying out my new palette. abit of brown on the lids with slight greenish yellow to go with my top. abit ghastly hor. eee. dont like.

ANYWAY, some more castings today and i met Mich again for lcasting, lunch and MORE SHOPPING. Her driver came to pick me and drove us all around town.

Lunch was at Central. This FAMOUS restaurant for its goose.

So obviously everything was goose related, right down to its chopsticks holder.

In fact, it is so good, the first 3 pages of the menu lists the awards it has won.

So obviously we ordered goose. And century egg congee. and fried milk with egg. and some veg. for TWO people.

I shocked the chefs in the kitchen.

Must take foto must take foto. She is so darn pretty!!!!!

After lunch we went shopping at Causeway Bay where she bought a very vintage looking belt for HKD1500. That’s almost SGD300 for a belt.

*mia faints*

I bought my beloved shoes.

And she brought me to Jardine Crescent where they sell JEANS and pants for ONLY HKD100 A PIECE! They even alter it for you on the spot!!!!!!!! FREE!!!

Then after that she left to find her boyfriend and i went back to Mongkok for some last minute shopping.

I had to buy this dustbin that we saw. It was very cute and had funky designs on it. So i went to scour Ladies Market for that same shop.

And i passed by the CLOCK shop. I liked their clocks. I was tempted to buy one. I only had HKD250 left. That’s not alot. I have to take MTR and train to airport.

Susan, the owner, gave me a good price i couldn’t refuse. 90HKD for a clock. I handed her one of my two last 100 dollar bill. Told her to hold on to it and i’ll come back to choose the clock i wanted because i have to first find my dustbin stall.

Don’t ask me why i did that. I realised how crazily stupid that was, leaving money with the stall holder, with no receipt or goods but only trust.

I walked up and down the street twice before i finally found the shop. It was selling at HKD96. I told him i’ll give him 50 for it. He said no, 90. I said no, 50. Max 55. He said no, 90.



Never refuse me a good bargain.

I walked away.

I passed by a beggar on the street, he had no limbs. I felt bad having walked past him twice in search of my bin shop but i couldn’t part with my precious money coz i have so little left!

Now that the stupid fella won’t sell me the bin, i tossed my coins for him.

I went back to the clock shop and got my Treble Clef in red.

Sat and chat with Susan and some other customers. One from S Africa and the other from UK. Both work for Levis Strauss.

She was trying to get her hair braided.

Had an extremely fulfilling time with these strangers of the world.

And then it was time to take my final MTR ride for the road.

Hong Kong in my hands.

Where there are more taxis than cars.

Met this old english sheepdog on my last escalator ride up.

End of day 7.

DAY 8 is very short. A trip to the airport in Mich’s bentley.

Her driver came to pick me from my cousin’s place.

And we drove past this magnificent bridge.

QING MA da qiao. Green Horse Bridge?

At the airport.

Good bye Hong Kong!!

And this is what Geography textbooks have been trying to tell you. Meandering rivers that will form ox bow lakes.

And finally….the sight of home.



sleepless in hong kong day 6

VAIN POT! trying out my new makeup palette. some greenish blue eyeshadow to go w my top.

Went for a round of castings. Today i walked like hell.

From the top of the escalator i walked to Lyndhurst terace then to Wynham street, then to Queen’s Central which took me all the way to Sheung Wan.

If you are good with HK maps, you prolly know wat i meant.

Anyway first thing in the morning i saw the papers.

A very famous road side stall closed. The chef looks very familiar and i suspected it was the same stall we passed by couple of days ago and said we’ll go eat there the next time.

And i was right. I walked by and it’s indeed closed. Right next to the dessert store where we sat.

So i ate noodles somewhere else.

Thankfully, i met Lily. She’s from Seattle. She studied Biology too but is now practising law. Is it just me or does Biology make people wanna change trades?
She helped me order my food and we chatted throughout. I’m supposed to email her this picture but i abit paiseh coz it’s blur.

And then i walked somemore.

Came to a wet market.

And some Shenton Way buildings.

And lo and behold, another fountain.

Then i met another cousin-in-law for dinner. She took me to Happy Valley where the horse race course is. And we had SHARK’s FIN!!!!

ONLY HKD68!! for a mighty generous serving!

Fried squid, lala and hor fun. all these for TWO people.

My cousin in law with the “huo ji”. Not turkey huo ji but the worker huo ji. ok never mind.

End of day 6


Hui Dao Hong Kong Day 5

Today is the day Gene will be leaving in the evening for his 8pm flight back.

So we MUST make full use of the day.

vain pot dressing to go out. i really shouldn’t wear hipsters coz i’ve got short legs.

First stop, Man Mo temple down the street.

Just a short walk from the escalator, Man Mo temple is mostly for students coz it’s “WEN WU MIAO” which translate to books and kungfu or something.

They are renovating because it’s a very old temple.

Ok next to Tsim Tsa Tsui!

Take the TING TING to the STAR FERRY terminal.

One of the must do things in HongKong is to take all their transport.

It is very cheap to take the star ferry, about HKD2.20 for the upper deck. Notice the back rest? It can be pushed to the front so the seat becomes the other way around for the trip back. Neat eh?

More of such signs as we head back to Mongkok, this time armed with more money, and shop for goodies back home.

Deciding that there is still time to visit the famous WONG TAI SIN temple, we took the MTR there.

This is the main gate that leads in. There will be many people asknig you to buy the jossticks but you can get them inside the temple.

The temple is very big so there are different sections of it. This is where it leads to the actual shrine.

Or so i thought. Behind me now is the real Wong Tai Sin shrine. There are other halls dedicated to other deities.

Im not sure why there are goat sculptures here but being the tourist i am, aiya, take foto take foto.

Another one of the many fountains i would encounter in this trip.

And i love this door. Makes me feel like a chinese courtesan.

And then the day whizzed past just like that. Temples and shopping.

Then i had to say goodbye to Gene.

And i cried. and cried and cried in the shopping mall. Coz suddenly i was all alone.

But thankfully OZOC had a sale and i went back a little happier.


Zai Jian Shen Zhen day 4

End of Day 3 did I say?

Pardon me. I lose track of time when having fun.

The havoc continues.

Meet Ray, resident DJ of Zouk KL and that babe with abs to die for, dancing next to his console.

Oh one other thing. The toilets here are translucent. You can see people squatting over their bowls. Doing their stuff. Some with hands crossed like they are praying (see picture below), some reaching for toilet paper and wiping their behinds.

After we finally left True Colors, we headed back to Josh’s apartment for MORE PARTY! This time, we brought Ray back, for a private party! He was flying at 7am in the morning to meet his girlfriend so they all decided not to sleep. Afterall, what’s another 3 hours?

A more decent shot of us. Less sloshed. Looks humane.

Ray all ready to leave, but not before damage was done.

Josh and Gene were ghastly made up by Jo, using my brand new SGD$8 made-in-china-bargained-in-shenzhen makeup palette.


The SUPA HEROS! Sending Ray off!

And finally, sleep comes to them.

This is the end of Day 3. Is it?

My body clock decides to go off at 2 in the afternoon of day 4. It was the tummy that triggered the alarm.

All i could find was frozen dumplings. And this is photographic evidence that I CAN COOK! Instant food is still FOOD ok!

And then, i was headed for VICTORY. I dragged Gene out of bed because it’s SHOWTIME.

See the smug look on my face? That’s because I’ve won. Heh Heh.

Gene’s obviously not too happy about it.

This contest has been going on since 3 years ago and it must end. In my favor, as usual.

See, back in those days when we had outings at botanical gardens, we walked to a section where there were all cactus plants and desert land. So i proudly proclaimed, that I’ve taken him to MEXICO! Not one to go down without a fight, Gene proceeded to bring me places such as Turkey ( turkish restaurant SOFRA).
And so the challenges went on, neck to neck, until I brought him here.

Windows of the World.

It showcases most of the national monuments in the world. Apparently, they have the merlion too.

So there. Gene’s in Paris, the Lourve, where the glass pyramid is. I’m over the the Effiel.

And some anonymous fountain.

And lookie what i found!

MONORAIL! It runs through this part of Shenzhen and links all the amusement parks in the area, so you can get from one park to another.

To end this travel-around-the-world contest feud, it reminds us that, if you are poor, you better have rich imagination.

And check out the latest fashion in baby wear.

Look Ma! No diapers! Just squat and sh!t.

Then we returned home to pick Josh and Jo for more escapades.

And what do we find?

SEX SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Siao ah. Singapore also have what.

We also have KFC.

Or is it?

Then we headed for massage. 35RMB for an hour. OMFG. That’s SGD7. I’m never going for spa in batam anymore.

This is the notice found in the massage parlour. Don’t read it if you are an editor.

Then we took a cab to LUO HU. The FAKEY TOWN! If you are an aspiring ah lian but can’t afford the brands, this is the place to go. Storeys of stalls selling imitations. So real even Calvin Klein himself will buy.

(No photos coz they very hush hush. You want good grade stuff, you have to tell them, then they bring you go somewhere don’t know where their warehouse and show you then you buy)

Of course, we never buy lah. Else you will see us at the back of a police car.

The train station is just at Luo Hu, so we went for a quick dinner and it was time to say our teary goodbyes.

Joshua was photoshopped in, that’s why got an extra arm over his shoulder. You can’t trust anyone with your camera in Shenzhen. Nor anywhere else in the world, other than the safest country, our Singapore.

The train station that links HongKong to Shenzhen.

We bought tickets for Tsim Tsa Tsui because we thought that’ll be easiest for us to go back to Central. But we got distracted.

Mongkok was on the railmap.

Time Check, 9pm.

We still have time to shop at the night markets there!!!

Alight at Mongkok.

I love these signs. I love the streets of Hong Kong.

We shopped and shopped at Ladies Market with only HKD50. Which means we bought nothing. We couldn’t afford to!! Unless we were to walk back to HK island.

Yet we can’t resist. The most talked about Mango drink.


but then again, for SGD$3.50, you can get an excellent mango drink at ROCKY bubble tea store over the OG Bugis.

Time to head back before the last train.

End of day 4. finally.


Ni Hao Ma Shen Zhen Day 3

Technically, we are still on Day 2 because we haven’t slept.

Jo and josh came over from shenzhen to find us at 11pm. We were supposed to go clubbing at Dragon-i but we had jap food for supper at Jordan til 2am.

The beautiful couple, Josh the architecht and Jo the supermodel.

The food was great. love sashimi!

Then we took a bus into Shenzhen in the middle of the night at 3 freaking am in the morning.

Passed the immigration, we got a cab to take us to josh’s apartment.

And once we reached his apartment, what did we have?


And we dranked and talked til almost 6 in the morning before we all slept.

I was very zoned out. Obviously gene was too. He cant even focus the camera.

AND SHOCKING EVIDENCE of GENE in bed with another PUSSY!!!!!

Meet eric. The J’s pet cat.

After waking up at 1pm, i was hungry. As usual. So i ordered food. The best thing about Shenzhen is they have 24hr delivery and each dish starts from 10 yuan. Very cheap. Almost SGD2 for a bowl of wanton soup, delivered to your door step.

This is proof that models DO eat.

After fueling, we headed out to shop!

Behind me is the VERY FIRST MACDONALDS in Shenzhen and the WHOLE OF CHINA.

And they have lil snack stalls too!

I had a major deja vu feeling at this snack stall, where Josh and Gene were eating. Gene commented that the lil prawns look like armadillos and i swear, i dreamt of that exact scenario just months ago.

Dinner was at TRUE COLORS, a restaurant/pub/club in Shenzhen. It has two areas of music, one for Chinese Rock and the other for the Guest DJ we were there for, Resident DJ of ZOUK KL.

Then it was time to PARTY!

Shots of Dynamo detergent like stuff.

They even have security officers in the dance floor, standing guard.

I didn’t notice myself in the corner of this pic! hehehehe!

This is where the Chinese Rock music comes ALIVE!!

Still looking pretty before we leave!

Time to hit the red buzzer and go home!



Lei Ho Mo Hong Kong Part 2

Gene brought his laptop along for the trip and we stayed with my cousin at his apartment at Conduit Road at MidLevels.

Lost? There’s always these signs to show you the way.

This map is located right at the top of the escalator. My finger shows where we were and where we oughta be in Central. The nice blue line is the length of the escalators.

After waking up, we headed out for lunch with Michelle and her mom, who came to pick us in their BENTLEY!! We went to Renaissance Hotel, Dynasty Restaurant which serves the best DIM SUM in Hong Kong.

Mich is so very pretty!

After lunch, they dropped us at Causeway Bay where we walked around somemore before heading back home to rest and prepare for our ascend to THE PEAK!

Trying to have the model “sey” in the middle of the busy street.

Now to find our way back home… with our favorite “TING TING”

Now follow these steps to boarding a TING TING.

First you need to find those little tram stops.

Then you reach out and flag them.

Then you queue to board.

Then you hold on to those metal rails for support and remember to smile for the camera.
This is a bad demo.

Get a seat at the top of the tram for a better view.

Ok now to the MUST SEE TOURISTY SPOT of Hong Kong. THE PEAK!

At the base of the PEAK TRAM station. Very hollywood with the bright lights.

As you can see, alot of Guai Los. The cable tram is very steep so for your own safety, please remain seated.
Again, bad demo.

It is VERY windy at the top of the peak, a refreshing change from the hot swelt in town, so do wear more clothing. I was wearing very little on top because we were supposed to go clubbing with Jo and Josh later that night.

We took a very long walk along this winding road at the peak to a lookout point far away from the observatory deck. There we had breathtaking view of the spectacular city that hardly sleeps. We saw the clouds in the mountains and the rain in the distance.

The rain in the distance. It didn’t register until it was too late.
The clouds were closer each time we glanced around.

Time to run Forrest.

Got drenched. Three times. By the passing rain clouds.

Still we got the beautiful night view.

Dinner was a simple affair at one of the local diners at the top.

And then the queue for the cable tram back down was so darn long. Everyone was waiting in the rain. We waited till there was a HUGE RAIN CLOUD and drenched most people who ran seeking shelter. Then we dashed out and got in the front of the queue and finally descended.



Hello Hong Kong part 1

Good MORNING Singapore!

It’s 430am in the morning and we are at Changi Airport! Flying Jetstar Asia 3K691 to HONGKONG!

I obviously still look sleepy and messed.

Onboard flight. I am still sleepy but Gene looks raring to go!

Should have gotten Business Class?

Gene demonstrates the latest print ad for commercial airlines.

On the airport shuttle bus that takes us from the plane to the immigration.

At the immigration counter. We managed to steal a shot before security started waving their arms, indicating NO FOTO TAKING.

So nice to see my old buddy, Jackie, at the airport welcoming me with a placard!

On the airport express train that takes you from the airport to Tsing Yi, Kowloon and Hong Kong in 23 minutes flat. At a fee, ten times that from Jurong to Pasir Ris, of almost SGD20! (HKD180 for two)

First meal. Roasted MEAT! Hong Kong Style! There’s a lot of small cafes (char chang teng) where you can easily get a meal for SGD$6 odd.

Road side stall selling sweet soup

Nothing like a cold sweet dish in FREAKING HOT Hong Kong summer

Taking the MTR, not our preferred choice of transport tho. It is a lot more expensive compared to our MRT and you’ll be better off sharing a cab if you are going in 4s.

On the MTR escalator.

Another form of transport. OUR FAVORITE this time. The “ting-ting” tram! At a FLAT FEE of HKD2 (appx 50c) it goes through main thoroughfares in the city.

We just randomly hopped on one of these “ting ting” and landed up in Causeway Bay where we shopped but didn’t buy much coz it is expensive or almost same priced as SG.

Then out of nowhere, we saw a queue. A very long QUEUE.

Being Singaporean, we joined the Q, not knowing what they were lining up for.

I was trying to read the brochure of the guy in front of me. Apparently there’s a sporting goods sale upstairs and they are queuing to get in. Armed with my years of MANGO sale experience, I dragged Gene along.

We ended up on the higher floors of SOGO shopping centre where seriously, it was a HUGE SALE. I bought myself a big puma bag (something I’ve always been shopping for to put clothes/shoes/makeup for castings) for only HKD120!! (apprx SGD20).

It turned out to my best buy for the trip because I had to use it for our short trip to Shenzhen as well as an extra luggage back. Phew.

In the SOGO lift with it’s reflective ceiling. The girl in Pink in front of me is the ELEVATOR GIRL who presses all the buttons.

We ended up having dinner with my Cousin (who I was staying with) at Lan Kwai Fong back at Central.

Did I mention their beef noodles are ZE BEST?!

HK is never complete without it’s NEON LIGHTS!

We headed back after a long day and early flight.