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May '10



As mentioned, COSWORTH/COZZIE ran out this morning 14/5 around 11am at our estate
Jalan Keli.

2 witnesses, our neighbours saw him run towards Bright Hill Crescent.
We have combed the area extensively and thoroughly from 11 till 4pm.
No one else have seen him other than the two neighbours.

He is very friendly, non aggressive.
has freckles on snout, 55pounds/25kg, medium size dog.
responds very well to commands and his name Cozzie/Coz

May '10

I was 3….

i was 3 in grange garden

Apr '10



It is my first book, a remake of a classic children’s story and will be in conjunction with local creative writing school, Monsters Under the Bed.

LIVE Story Telling sessions will be lined up for the launch of the children’s book at major bookstores and also at the campus of Monsters Under the Bed.

email me@miatan.com for more queries and early bird bookings or you may contact (+65) 6100 4363  to get in touch with the creative personel at Monsters.

Look out at: http://www.threegroovypigs.com/

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Feb '09

i almost forgot…

…I got something to say!

holy moly ive got 83,000 over spam comments held in moderation and several other hundred thousands that slipped thru the spam filter which i have to remove one by one.

Two things i want to say.

1. Happy 2009!!

2. My resolution for 2009 is to be like kennysia   

Ok, that has been my resolution ever since I’ve known his blog from the early days and I’ve always questioned him then, how does he maintain such a highly respectable, accepted, talked about, popular sensation of a blog without insulting people or posting half naked pictures of himself?

In 2005, I entertained a wild idea of going bald for cancer society’s drive.
People talked me out of it because, well, I was going to participate in international pageants and legend has it that winners have long barbie hair.

Then kennysia came along with his online donation drive and raised a whoooping 65K RM for Sarawak’s Children Cancer Society.
I can only wish, one day, I can influence like he.

3. I’ve been annoyed for a very long time. And trust me, I can be very tolerant.

But this I can no longer tolerate and if I don’t voice it out, I’ll suffer from internal injuries.

And now in the after spirit of Chinese New Year, I’ve decided to write between the lines.

We all go Chinese New Year visiting, from house to house, visiting relatives we only see once every year, just for the sake of getting some quick cash in the form of ang pows.

Some aunties live in a nice big house.

Some don’t.

Some are nice, some are not.

We like most, we don’t like a few.

But we accept them all the same, because we are a family, extended or near.

However, there are some people who insist their house is the best, the grandest, the only true form of how a house should be.
And they point out that everyone else’s house is just a shabby shack.

These very same people, because they are so hospitable and that their house is simply the best, love inviting others to visit their wonderful house, especially on weekends.

These people annoy me.
To no end.

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting invitations. It translates into popularity votes and free food.
But not on the pretense of inviting me to their beautiful house, they are actually saying that my house is not worth living in.

I just think, especially at this point in time, we all deserve some humane respect and personal space, in this overrun world.

Nov '08

today, i grew up.

okok i just got back from a whirlwind trip to Seoul then Hong Kong Macau and Shenzhen and have got lots of pix to upload!

but before all that, i wanna mark a very significant event in my life today.

from the time i can remember and comprehend things, i know my dad has always fetched me everywhere i go.
and i mean EVERYWHERE.

to and from school, to and fro tuition class, organ lessons, play dates, whatever whenever wherever.

and that was partly why i got nicknamed “princess” when i was much younger.

i took for granted, all these constant fetching, and whenever i got angry with my parents due to the stubborn teenage years, i would boycott the rides to demonstrate my independence, wake up super early at 6am just to take the bus to school.

my best friend shu is often the victim in such protests because she would also get up early and take the bus with me, in support of my rebellious cause.

but these protests often end very swiftly, with me caving in of course. who can resist the luxury of being chauffeured around?

my dad, having come from the property development industry, is always intrigued by things around him, especially buildings, decor and architecture.

he always laments that he cannot enjoy the view because he is always the driver.
he can’t look out of the windows and see the street sights, or admire the scenery because he is driving.
he’ll always say wait one day when i grow up i can drive him around then.

well….today is the day.

today and many days from henceforth.

i don’t know if they even realise it, but today is the first time that i’ve driven my parents anywhere, other than up the wall.

what was supposed to be a simple lunch at Samy’s Curry Fish Head @ Dempsey turned out to be a mini excursion to 2 of my favorite places in singapore.

i drove and picked mom and dad from home, took them for lunch, then we took a leisure drive to Michel’s joint, Prive at Keppel Island.

and along the way, my dad would point out certain landmarks, and talk to my mom who’s sitting in the backseat and admire the bridge linking Keppel Island to mainland Singapore, enjoying the view as i drove.

we had coffee (the angmoh kind not kopi) and carrot cake (also the angmoh kind not the black/white ones) at Prive, enjoying the seabreeze and late afternoon sun.

and we stopped by Hort Park for a leisurely stroll on the bridge before heading home.

then i had to introduce my favorite tze char place to them so we went for a wonderful dinner with my sister at Forture Seafood along Bt Timah, having my favorite salted egg crab, cereal prawns, tofu, kailan and hotplate maggi beef.

it was quite a sight having both my sister and dad giving me instructions on how to parallel park on a small side road.
it would probably be much easier if they got out of the car and stood by both sides of the road and act as my “parking poles”.

en route home, i drove down orchard road because i know my mom would want to see the christmas lights.
my dad has the habit of driving home via grange road river valley because of lesser traffic but my mom always chides him for not taking the orchard route, to experience the hustle and bustle that people from all over the world come to see.

so even though i was stuck in the “it’s a friday + christmas madness” traffic jam, it was all worth it.

to have my parents be able to admire the orchard christmas lights together, in the comfort of the car, with me driving them around the whole day, it is a humbling experience for me.

why couldn’t this day have come sooner?


Nov '08

Do you have a Seoul?

I’ll be going to Seoul on Sunday for a trade show.

This is a long story that has come in its own time.

Remember when I got hijacked?

Philip Baum, managing director and editor of an aviation security magazine, got in touch with me and wanted an account of my hijacking story.

We’ve been in touch ever since and whenever he’s in Singapore, we would catch up and one time, he even had me attend a self defense presentation he was giving to various airline personnel.

So next week, there is a conference in Seoul and he’s kindly asked if I would like to help him at his booth, managing subscriptions to his journals and promoting delegate placings at other conferences that he is organising.

There’s even one conference on disruptive passenger incidents (not just kena tio hijack, but also all passenger related incidents such as drunk passengers or “pig trotters hands” sexual abuse etc) in Istanbul by Turkish Airlines!

We are pretty sure with a real hijack victim at the stands, along with newspaper articles and the write up by HIS magazine will definitely garner alot of eyeballs and subscriptions!

And since this is my first trip to Seoul, I’ve called up Hye Jin who is Ms Korea!!!

Showing off her pink nails….

In full national costume get up…

Am hoping to meet up with her, however briefly, and maybe pass her some local pineapple tarts!

I am also aware that other than Kimchi, Korean Ginseng and Sochu, Seoul is also famous for their eyes and noses!

Perhaps I will come back looking from this…………..


to THIS!!



Oct '08

oh it is so beautiful!

Went shopping with Hwee today for a gown that she needed for a formal event end October.

I know it is my duty to pick out that PERFECT DRESS for her but I couldn’t resist picking out dresses for MYSELF TOO!!!

And we both fell in love with this Karen Millen dress!!!


And it’s got nice button detailings at the side!


The price tag? $729.
But got less 30% lah.
Still. Sigh.

Oct '08

breaking news: another turkish air hijack

CNN news reported that another Turkish airline is hijacked.
I quickly called Philip Baum, who is based in London and in charge of an aviation security journal. He is the man who was interviewed by CNN when my flight got hijacked becoz he is a specialist!!

And he gave me the scoop even before CNN reported it.
So this is first hand news you are getting.

The “hijacker” is a drunk passenger and was overwhelmed by fellow passengers !


Oct '08

Would you like to make a donation..


Can you believe I actually said that to total strangers in Orchard Road?

Last Saturday, I was at Tangs Orchard helping the Breast Cancer Foundation do a charity drive.

I’ve not done one-on-one charity sales since my flag selling school days but since I’ve got all the time in the world these days, I decided to drop BCF an email asking if they needed help for their annual Breast Cancer Foundation Walk.

In 2005, I participated in the walk as part of Miss World Singapore ‘05 activities and I remember speaking with the dragon ladies (these breast cancer survivors form a dragonboat team that practice weekly and very likely to kick your ass) and was amazed at the exuberance and determination they have.

And following that walk, that night when the pageant was held, I had a question on stage “What’s the one thing you would change about this competition?”
Stupid answers such as “removing all the other contestants”, “changing the panels of judges” and simply snatching the microphone and announcing me the winner were considered.

But instead I said, “If there was a thing I’d change about this competition is that we could have done more for BCF than just participating in their walk. It would have been better if we could have volunteered to help out in other ways as well.”

So this year, the BCF walk happens to fall on Oct 4th weekend, which is the 2nd anniversary of my HIJACK on Turkish Air TK1476 and I decided to commemorate the day by revisiting BCF.

All decked in pink, I started out to sell cookies and BCF pins for $5.

First i stuttered “Would you like to make a donation?”
Then it got longer “..to the breast foundation?”
Then i corrected myself “..to the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation?”

Then I realise people thought I’m giving out the cookies for free. “….for $5 donation, you can receive this cookies and pin.”

Then people start walking by really fast when they see me approaching.
And then there’s those who 盗 铃 掩 耳, they think they are invisible just because they pretend they can’t see me I can’t see them.

Then I mastered the art of saying “Hi would you like to make a donation to the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation? October is the breast cancer awareness month and we are doing this donation drive where for $5 donation you will recveive this packet of yummy Bakerzin cookies and this lovely crystal encrusted BCF pin” all under 5 seconds.

Because if you don’t manage to stop anyone within the first 5 seconds of beginning your sentence, your chances of a donation drops as drastically as the Dow Jones.

At the end of the 2 hours, I’ve sold off all 70 pins assigned and returned back to base happy and a jingling full money bag.
And surprise surprise! The good people at Estee Lauder gave me a goodie bag for helping out!

The sense of satisfaction that money can’t buy and I get all of this too!


Now who said charity work doesn’t pay?

Oct '08

Australian Shepherds rule!

Cosworth is an Australian Shepherd.


He is handsome, smart, obedient and good natured.
Everything we girls love in a man.

I always feel that australian shepherds are underdogs, overshadowed by the other herding sheepdog breeds such as the collies, obviously popularised by Lassie.
But I like the kinder, rounded snouts Aussies have compared to the longish Collies face.
And to think it wasn’t recognised as a breed until in the recent decades.
Then WHAM!
It goes on to win a prestigious doggie contest and suddenly the whole world knows about them

And now Fedex uses a blue merle in its commercial.
Go get them boy!

Oct '08

World of Warcraft

A few posts ago, I wrote about gamers.

Now, I’m one of them.

Check out my super hot toon!


And my FIRST BG!


AND I CAPTURED A FLAG!! ME! A low level toon (compared to the other lao jiaos) up there with the big boys!

Sep '08

D Day!

Today is D DAY!


The project that pam, joan, shamyn, sarala, ivy, esther and I had been working on when we were at One Lifestyle (S) Pte Ltd is finally about to come to fruit.

Tonight at Fort Canning.

After all the turbulence that befall it, will it still happen without a glitch?

Nonetheless, one thing is happening for sure.
It may be one of the few street circuits but it’s the FIRST NIGHT RACE. EVER.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.

Aug '08

Day to day crimes

Today, i witnessed a crime being committed.

We drove into Johor Bahru to hang out with Andrew and ended up having a steamboat dinner, seated by the roadside where traffic was trickling by on the small lane, barely a meter away from us!
And right next to us was 姚玟隆 having dinner with his family!!

Waa people super star leh. So of course I kept turning back and staring like a typical star struck Singaporean.

Aiya super star also human wat. Still eat steamboat like us mah.

So whilst we were chatting about some imaginary hot chicks and I had my hands full of prawn shells, Andrew suddenly jumped up with such force, his chair almost toppled, he shouted and he attempted to stop a man riding by on a motorbike!

Initially I thought he met a friend passing by, but turned out the motorcyclist literally SNATCHED 姚玟隆’s wife’s handbag from her seat!

Andrew had seen the motorcyclist coming down the street and thought the guy was a little suspicious as he slowed down whilst approaching.
He had thought that the robber was a friend of theirs, coming to meet them for dinner.
It was only when he saw the robber snatch the bag, he quickly jumped up from his seat but the robber revved his bike and accelarated faster than I can say “Do you want any prawns?”

My very brave friend and 姚玟隆 jumped up and tried stop the robber but he rode off, leaving a trail of dust nestled in our soup.

I was quite shaken after that.
She was robbed point blank, an arm’s length away from me and it all happened so fast, no one had time to react or even note down the license number.

I never thought it would really happen, despite having seen reported stories of blatant robberies being committed in Johor Bahru.
I was always cautioned about watching my bags, keeping it slung on the arm that is furthur from the curb and to walk along the pavement against traffic flow so that I will be more aware of oncoming danger and keep personal belongings out of sight.

Well, take heed. For it does happen and it DID happen.

And since we are on the topic of robbery and henious crimes, here’s a video I think Singaporeans will find many laughs!

Aug '08

The Engagement July 4th 2008

So much has happened in this past month. I’ve left footprints in USA, Canada, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Exactly a month ago today, on July 1st, I embarked on a life changing holiday.
I was whisked off in a plane for more than 20 hours, with almost no knowledge of itinerary, only to know that I was headed for the West Coast and Vancouver.

What I’d thought to be a first holiday away as a young couple with Dave, turned out to be a surprise engagement plan!

And what have history taught us, time and time again, about executing any project to guarantee success?


Dave did his homework extensively and chose this beautiful luxury bed and breakfast at Port Angeles, nestled in the Olympic Peninsula at the northwestern tip of the states, backdropped against the magnificiant Olympic National Park and facing the Straits of Juan de Fuca, overlooking British Colombia in the distance.

Colettes have been voted Best Place to Kiss by Fodor’s and it’s really not hard to see why.
The inn is managed by a hospitable couple.

We stayed at the Iris suite and this is the view from our bed.

Imagine waking up to a beautifully manicured garden, with all sorts of flowers and herbs, and your own private patio to enjoy it in.

The room was GIA-NORMOUS!!

The bathroom comes with a jaccuzzi bath spacious enough for two, amenities such as lavender bath salts and body cream, no expense was obviously spared in providing the best here.

And every morning, a gourmet 3 course breakfast was prepared for us. No tacky international buffet with screaming kids and kiasu parents.

Just show up at the table 830am punctual, organic juices, hearty cereal and fruits, and get ready to be pleasantly surprised with fresh muffins coming out of the kitchen and poached eggs with smoked salmon.

On July 4th, we spent a beautiful morning driving up into the National Park, thru extremely foggy roads to reach Hurricane Ridge, where we saw the snowcapped mountain tops and even a deer by the side of the roads.

When we returned to the inn, the innkeepers asked if we would like an evening drink, and gave us choices of red, white, champers or juices.

Do I even need a choice? Of coz champagne lah!
So we happily took our glasses and some Doritos into the garden to enjoy the fresh evening air and view of Canada in the distance.

Dave suggested taking some pretty pictures and do a Doritos product endorsement (to rival my Chipster ad), so he took my glass of champagne away and started snapping.

“Okok, now let’s do pictures of you drinking champagne.”
So i put down the bag of chips and picked up his glass of champagne next to me on the bench.
*snap snap snap*

“Eh, how about now you sip the champagne then i take photos.”

Just as i bring the glass to my lips, he suddenly exclaimed again.
“WAIT! Don’t drink MY champagne! Drink from your own!”

I was just thinking “wa lau eh. this guy damn kiam ku. i know he values his alcohol alot lah but this is abit extreme right?”
Begrudingly i gave him back his glass and demanded for my own back from him.

When i was about to drink again, i suddenly stopped.

Something wasn’t quite right.
My champagne was behaving funny.

It wasn’t giving me a pretty string of tiny bubbles.
The bubbles were BIG and all stucked at the bottom.
What kind of lousy champers is this? It looks like Zappel carbonated drink leh.

Then I realised.
Dave had already been on one knee since the Dorito photos!
How silly of me! I didn’t realise because the bench was low and I’d just thought it was the camera angle that he needed!
And he cleverly dropped the ring into my glass which he was holding and handed it back to me in the end!
He had it all planned!
And I unknowingly helped him along by choosing champagne and also by returning his glass as he asked so he could hand me mine with the ring.

How can I possibly turn down the man who had always been an independent bachelor and has now quickly turned into someone so steadfast in love and so affirmed in his affections for me that he expresses it in the oldest form of committment possible.

He even had fireworks arranged throughout the country to mark this celebratory moment.


Upon returning, it was the “parents meet parents” dinner.
Turned out extremely well!
And my future in-laws are so cool, they read my blog!
So mind what you say here, or you might get a nasty email from them!

Jun '08

Everyday Rob People

Back in the good old days when I was much much younger, I remember Daddy sending Mummy to work in our old family merc, near the old Ellenbourough Market by the river.

I’ll always insist on tagging along.
Car rides were fun when you were much smaller.
Now that I’m older, car rides are still fun except that the car has to go much faster than my dad’s legal speed limit.

I remember at that exact same spot, where the current ERP gantry stands, there was a tiny cubicle by the side of the road, guarded by a mata.
I use the term cubicle because I’d always thought it a portable toilet cubicle for the mata to pee while on duty.

C’mon. I was 5 la ok.
In those days, we not so high tech, not so informed ok!
But I’m pretty darn sure we had much more imagination than kids these days.

Annnyyywaaay, there was a ruling back then, that cars need to ferry at least 3 people before they are allowed to enter the CBD during peak hours.

So every morning, I would bring my life size teddy (I wasn’t so tall then and the teddy seemed to be my size. the 80s kind with flat plastic stick-on eyes that has black round plastics inside as rolly pupils) for the car ride and when we drive past the gantry, i would stick my face and the bear at the rear passenger window and wave!

Firstly, I was scared of getting arrested by the mata. Too many childhood threats of the police coming to take me away if I was naughty.

Secondly, I was still scared. Scared that that the mata won’t see me seated at the back. Like I said, I wasn’t so tall then.

Thirdly, I was also scared that the mata won’t count me as a “full” passenger.
See, when I was 5, I’ve already grasped the concept of fractions, thanks to the educational chart at the back of taxis.

That’s why I brought Mr Teddy along.
I figured two small people makes 1 “full” person, just like the chart says.

Nowadays with Electronic Road Pricing, Mr Teddy gets to remain in his cupboard.
Basically, the motive of the additional ERP gantrys is to ease traffic and not sucker our citizens’ money right?

So, how about we revert back to the good old “min-3-pple-in-a-car” ruling?

It will encourage car pooling, thereby bringing people together and reducing the number of cars on the road.
Which in turn reduces fuel consumption and then reduces pollution and then reduces global warming and then it will be my cue to jump out and say WORLD PEACE!